Friday, 11 April 2014

Lioness Defend Baby Baboon after Killing his Mother (10 pics)

Incredible Moment - Lioness Defend Baby Baboon after Killing his Mother  — Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth the married couple much of their life dedicating to animals. The Camp Selinda, somewhere in Northern Botswana, while snapping pictures of a big troop of baboon nearby bush, the couples witnessed a very unusual scene of the Lioness grabbed female baboon attached with a cub on the run.

In the jaws of the lioness the mother baboon lay dying, a little baby less than a month old slowly detached from its mother’s body.  It would seem that the baby is unredeemed, but the lioness cared for him and even defended it against a hungry lion.
Suddenly the father baboon’s prowess paid off. Once he gallantly saved his baby, he made his way over to a shade tree and the rest of his troop. The baby was safely nestled in his father’s arms, resting. That was a father’s incredible bravery and rescue mission.


  1. realy nice photography&also nice photographer

  2. Good photograph, its really nice but I was wondering how they photographers knew the male baboon who rescued the baby baboon is the father...


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