Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Handicapped Cute Baby Goat Frostie gets his Wheels (8 pics/1vdo)

Handicapped Cute Baby Goat Frostie gets his Wheels — Meet Frostie, this Adorable Baby Goat is the Sweetest thing you will ever see. Frostie is a little baby goat native to Australia, which is now melting hearts worldwide. Handicapped hind legs, this little goat persevering just received a gift: a wheelchair specially designed for animals.
Frostie was found abandoned, dehydrated and covered with sores. After examinations, it was found that the little goat was also suffering from a serious illness called "Joint Navel Ill" that caused him to lose the mobility of its two hind legs. Today the baby is thriving, and to this day can enjoy the pleasures of walking and wandering in the grass. A big thank to the compassionate people who were able to put on this little baby legs, proof that there is still some humanity in this world.

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