Tuesday, 13 August 2013

16 Incredible Liquid Portraits of Celebrity Icons by Vivi Mac

01. Michael Jackson (Created Using Milk)
Incredible Liquid Portraits of Celebrity Icon by Vivi Mac — World, meet Vivi Mac, an amazing artist from France who can use virtually any kind of food to create detailed celebrity portraits. Although she has yet to display her ephemeral masterpieces in an proper art gallery, Vivi Mac has already made a name for herself online. She can create extremely detailed images out of anything, including barbecue sauce, chocolate milk, caramel sauce, crushed ice and salt, and even rum.

02. Bruce Lee (Created Using Milk)

03. Nelson Mandela (Created Using Milk)

04. Ice Cube (Created Using Salt & Ice Cubes)

05. Maradona

06. Yoda (Created Using Black Licorice)

07. Notorious BIG

 08. Thierry Henry (Created Using Rice)

09. Timbaland/Thymbaland

10. Jérôme Cahuzac

11. Eminem

12. Martin Luther King Jr.

13. Gandhi (Created Using Chocolate)

14. Amélie

15. Lauryn Hill

16. Mona Lisa (Created Using BBQ Sauce)
A self-taught artist, Mac first began developing her skills with paper and pen by absorbing information found on blogs and Facebook. She later began speed painting and eventually found that experimentation with food were her greatest success. Due to her selected medium, the series title—Art Ephemere—references the fleeting, momentary nature of each food-based piece.

Mac uses a keen eye for negative space to generate amazing portraits of people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Bruce Lee, Gandhi, and Barack Obama etc. As the liquids splatter across her canvas, viewers will see faces slowly emerging from the spills.

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