Saturday, 15 February 2014

Russian Imperial Architecture by Photographer Frank Herfort's View (30 pics)

01. Grand Park Towers, Moscow
Russian Imperial Architecture by Photographer Frank Herfort's View — The famous photographer based in Berlin, Germany Frank Herfort made a series of photography images dedicated to the post-Soviet architecture. He traveled all over Russia for one reason to find the architecture of the post-Soviet era. These massive colourful structures, often decked out in flashy materials and questionable color schemes, have cropped up in the region's growing cities. The buildings collection of skyscrapers, office towers, and residential high rises seem to adhere to the blanket promise of capitalist and enterprising Russia. After five years’ of Frank's work, 7,000 miles traveled, 20 cities visited, and 150 buildings photographed, He is ready to release the resulting book, Imperial Pomp Post-Soviet Highrise in April 2013.
02. Traffic Police Headquarter, Kazan
03. Parus Building, Moscow
04. Red Sails Towers, Moscow
05. Triumph Astana, Astana
06. Living House Complex, Nishny Novgorod
07. Ministry Buildings, Astana
08. Living House Complex, Moscow
09. Kuntsevo Living Complex, Moscow
10. KhanShatyr-Mall, Astana
11. Arco Di Sole, Moscow
12. Aliye Parusa Towers, Moscow
13. Baikonur Towers, Astana
14. Bayterek Tower, Astana
15. Cheliyabinsk City, Cheliyabinsk
16. Cosmos Towers, Sankt Petersburg
17. Formal Presidental Palace of Kazakhstan, Almaty
18. Hilton Hotel, Baku
19. Lazurny Kvartal, Astana
20. Legion-III Centre, Moscow
21. Mercury City Tower, Moscow
22. New Alexandrian Tower, Sochi
23. Northern Lights Towers, Astana
24. Russian Railway Headquarter, Moscow
25. Samarian Flatiron, Samara
26. Sokolniki Building, Moscow
27. Sparrow Hill Towers, Moscow
28. Titanic Building, Sochi
29. Zeppelin, Moscow
30. Triumph Palace, Moscow

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