Sunday, 15 September 2013

Boy & Sparrow Have a Beautiful Bond (5 pics)

Boy and Sparrow Have a Beautiful Bond — Vadim Veligurov found a baby sparrow abandoned after she hatched in his home city in northern Russia, and, from that day on, the two have been inseparable.
Veligurov, 12,  found the small bird abandoned after she hatched in Dudinka, the administrative capital of the Taymyr Peninsula in northern Russia. According to Yahoo!, Veligurov took the  chick to his grandmother’s house in Minusinsk where he was spending his summer holidays.

The young boy’s goal was to nurse the baby bird until she was healthy enough to live on her own and then set her free. Setting a little animal free, one you’ve loved and cared for for any amount of time, can be difficult. But when the sad day came to set the little sparrow free, little Abi decided to stay with Veligurov instead of flying away. According to Metro, little Abi and Veligurov are inseparable. The bird will sit on the boy’s shoulder, eat out of his hand, and even share a little birdy kiss with the boy.(via)

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