Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Incredible Street Art on Railings by Zebrating (18 pics)

Incredible Street Art on Railings by Zebrating — Street artists Zebrating are an incredible duo from Mannheim, Germany. Zebrating loosely translates to, ‘making the zebra’, which describes their artistic style that uses a striping technique (like that of a zebra’s). Railings lend nicely to this style as the vertical rails are already evenly spaced to start.

Zebrating means creating zebra designs, this technique involves splitting the artwork in stripes just like the stripes of a zebra, which when viewed from correct angle, stripes merge together creating an optical illusion. Zebrating art is originated with a team of two artists from Mannheim, an urban city in the southwest of Germany. The two artists created outdoor illusions painted on the barred fence on the streets. These artists created paintings, photographs, canvas, advertisements and stickers.(via)

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