Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Creative Artist Jodi Gives Old Books a Second Life (16 pics)

Creative Artist Jodi Gives Old Books a Second Life — Artist Jodi Harvey Brown alters old books and gives them a second life by making beautiful sculptures out of their pages. These wonderful 3D sculptures of paper take a whole new look at the idea of a “pop-up” book. Well known fictional characters, sea creatures, monsters, ships and aircraft are brought to life by Jodi’s vivid imagination and her great passion for reading. Jodi began book sculpting after being unable to resist a box of used books at a second hand shop. After folding the pages of one that had been crushed in the bottom of the box, she was hooked. Each sculpture is a little more complicated than the one before it, and at times Jodi includes hand illustrated figures drawing was her first love. Her husband encouraged her to show her work on an artist community and it was there she realized book sculpture is a valid art form.


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