Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Amazing Sculptures Made of Household Objects (9 pics)

Amazing Sculptures Made of Household Objects — In Japanese culture, Shintoism is an ancient belief system that asserts that all living organisms and objects carry a spirit within them. For Sayaka Ganz, the idea of objects thrown out needlessly was too much to bear, as she was taught that these discarded, forgotten pieces of our world “weep at night inside the trash bin.” Rather than allow this to happen, Ganz has given new life to found objects—to the plastic spoons to the springs and cords and baskets and cups—forged into phenomenal new life forms.

From a distance, the beauty of two galloping horses brings pause, the grace with which their manes fly behind them as they burst through the wall, the energy in their legs as they launch themselves across an unseen landscape. Step closer, and you will see that these “horses” are comprised of individual recycled parts, tokens of lives lived—an ice cream scoop, a slotted spoon, many hangers, a plastic scoop. Thrown away, now repurposed in grand fashion. Born in Yokohama, Japan, Ganz has lived internationally and now makes her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.(via) PhotoCredit

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