Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Transform Colorful Flower Petals into Exotic Birds (12 pics)

(Hornbill made of Chrysanthemums, Germeras and Purple Shamrocks)
Transform Colorful Flower Petals into Exotic Birds — Artist Red Hong Yi is known for her beautiful assemblages made from organic and found objects. Her series of brightly colored birds are fresh and fragrant, as they are made from the delicate petals and leaves of flowers. From a blooming peacock to a rich red parrot, the birds come to life on the page when individual petals replace the details of feathers.

Eagle made of White, Red & Yellow Flower Petals.

Northern Cardinal made of red gerberas and deep purple chrysanthemums with Dill.

Rooster made of Gerberas and Leaves.

Flamingos made from Pink Gerberas and Twigs.

Kingfisher made of Gerberas, Butterfly Peas and Purple Shamrocks.

Peacock made of Butterfly Pea Flowers, Bottlebrush Leaves, Coconut Leaf sticks, Allamandas/Trumpet Flowers.

Dodo Bird made of Yellow, Pink, Red & White Flower Petals.

(Parrot made from butterfly Peas and Gerberas.)
Red Hong Yi decided to experiment with using just one material for an entire month, choosing fragile flowers for her medium. Inspired by the shape of each tiny petal and the notion that together they make up a full bloom, Yi decided that birds would be the perfect subject of her work. Treating each petal as a feather, she carefully assembles the pieces into bird shapes, varying color and flower to create more realistic birds.

The flowers that Yi uses are not always from your regular garden variety. Seeking out the perfect shapes and colors to illustrate each exotic bird she creates, the artist has sourced butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, trumpet flowers and purple shamrocks. Aside from a florist’s dream list, she also uses recognizable flowers like gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums and even edible herbs like dill to flesh out her tableaus.

The gorgeous birds are meticulously assembled onto paper, then immortalized with a photograph that serves as the final piece of art. Her floral arrangements have included peacocks, parrots, dodos, flamingos, roosters and hornbills.(via) PhotoCredit:

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